Staff picks:


Cressi gear designed with your customers in mind.

Here at Palm Trading we take pride in our staff’s working knowledge when it comes to the dive gear we carry – we don’t just carry it, we use it ourselves! For this first issue of our 2013 Newsletter we thought we would select a few of our favorites and let you know what makes these our “Staff Picks”.

First comes first, and that is the “snorkel kit”. When chosen carefully your mask/snorkel & fins should go easily from snorkeling to scuba to tech – then you know you are getting the most for your money. We think your customers will agree that this kit is the ideal combination of form & function at a great value.

F1 Frameless Mask + Desert Dry Snorkel + Frog Plus Fins
= Scuba or snorkeling BLISS!

F1 Frameless Mask

Our latest mask of choice is the Cressi F1 Frameless. This attractive mask was originally developed for technical divers who wanted a spare mask that was convenient to carry and reliable in a wide variety of conditions. It has been adapted into the perfect choice for the active recreational or technical diver looking for excellent visual range, great fit and easy water clearing due to its single lens, low volume design. The F1 Frameless does it all within a compact, light design.

Aditional features include:

  • New push-button buckle allows quick & easy strap adjustment.
  • Black silicone skirt offers extra sun & glare protection.
  • Tempered glass lens for durability.

Desert Dry Snorkel

The Cressi Desert Dry Snorkel is a perfect complement to the F1 frameless mask. This innovative snorkel has a unique splash guard at the end which greatly reduces the entrance of water during use on the surface.

The Desert Dry Snorkel is extremely versatile, with a specially adapted with a smooth corrugated inner piece to stay clear of the mouth for use while scuba diving. A unique water drainage well with a large elliptic valve, allows for quick and easy expulsion of water. With a mouthpiece constructed of hypoallergenic silicone and the ergonomically shaped design, the Cressi Desert Dry Snorkel is a perfect choice for maximum comfort.

Frog Plus Fins

Cressi’s latest addition to its extensive line of world renowned fins is the Frog Plus open heel scuba diving fin. The Frog Plus features many of the great characteristics of a traditional paddle fin along with introducing a revolutionary new blade material that is both extremely durable and nearly indestructible The unique design is available in four sizes in five colors.

The Frog Plus utilizes Cressi’s patented three material injection molding process. The three materials consist of a smooth and comfortable rubber construction of the foot pocket that extends up the side rails of the blade. The second material is the revolutionary new dual density techno polymer which forms the blade, and in conjunction with the third silicone based material creates a channeling effect.

This channeling effect is the characteristic of the fin that enables a high level of energy to be transferred in both up and down strokes of the kick pattern. Less effort = more power.

The Frog Plus also incorporates Cressi’s patented positioning of the foot pocket below the blade. This design increases the working surface area of the blade by 20%.

The combination of the channeling effect and the foot pocket mounted beneath the blade creates a very powerful and efficient fin with minimal leg strain – making the Frog Plus fin an ideal choice for the entry level to advanced diver.