The Coral Restoration Foundation needs your help!

With one of the world’s most wonderful reefs we are blessed to enjoy the wonders of Bonaire’s marine park.

Historically, the shallow reefs in Bonaire dominated by elkhorn, staghorn and fire corals, have recovered quickly from hurricane damages often to nearly complete recovery within 10 years. Changes on the ecology of the Caribbean resulting from the mass die off of the long spined sea urchin (diadema antillarum) in 1983 and the catastrophic loss of elkhorn and staghorn corals to white band disease throughout the 1980’s have diminished the resiliency of these shallow water ecosystems, resulting in much slower recovery.

Fortunately Mr. Ken Nedimyer, found a new technique that will give us and of course you a chance and opportunity to really make a difference. The Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire needs help in order to restore our pristine reefs!


The foundation designed a tag to support the restoration of the coral. We kindly ask you to support the program and help us to sell the tags! The cost of the tags is 10 USD and goes completely to the Coral Restoration Foundation.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact our sales team!

Thank you of the Palm Trading team!

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