TUSA helps you to see all the adventure beneath the sea better. We do it with masks that offer a snug and comfortable fit. Regulators that guarantee ideal intake/exhaust resistance. Gauges designed for clarity. And our complete line of gear. In fact, for more than 50 years we've been a world leader in the design and development of scuba equipment.

That leadership will continue in 2005 when we introduce products like our new SF-6 fin that helps you swim faster with less fatigue; the BCJ-1600, the lightweight BC jacket that's perfect for travel; and our IQ-800 dive computer with a vibration function. So, for the best SCUBA gear, look for TUSA. You'll find TUSA in more than 80 countries around the world and in every ocean. Palm Trading Bonaire provide it for you in the Caribbean. Please contact us for further information about TUSA, Reef Tourer or View.